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03.25.16 / Media MGH Media Blog Post

Is it Time to ‘Can’ the Canned Response?

You stumble in your Grammy performance, and Adele, we want to hear from you about the In-N-Out burger you ate to cope because consumers crave an immediate, authentic and often, witty explanation.

03.24.16 /Social MediaMGH Social Media Blog Post

Facebook Puts Emphasis On Safety During Brussels Attacks

Facebook will send the user a notification if it appears they are close to an affected area. It will then ask that user to click or tap the “I’m Safe” button...

03.22.16 /Social MediaMGH Social Media Blog Post

Facebook Updates Parent-Child Structure for Businesses

Are the benefits of Facebook Locations worth the time, effort and dedication that is required?

03.14.16 /Account ServiceMGH Strategy Blog Post

How a Career in Advertising Prepared Me for Motherhood

Be a champion for your people – your kids, your family, your work team, your clients. Support them, encourage them, push them harder to do what you know they...

03.11.16 /MGH Press ReleaseMGH Press Release

MGH Wins Best in Show Award for OLD BAY Work for Second Consecut

​The agency also received the most awards of any agency – eight Gold and two Silver awards – at the 42nd annual ADDY Awards hosted by the American Advertisin...

03.08.16 /Digital MarketingMGH Digital Marketing Blog Post

Email Marketing: How To Be Awesome, Not Annoying

When approaching your email strategy, there are three things you should keep in mind: your list, your subject line and your content.

03.01.16 /Digital MarketingMGH Digital Marketing Blog Post

Google Eliminates Right-side Ads – What You Need to Know

Since the advent of the search engine, eye-tracking studies have shown that users tend to gravitate towards the top of the page listings, followed by the top...

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