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My TV Broke and My 16-Year-Old Couldn't Care Less

But what does the future hold? Will TV remain “King (or Queen) of All Media,” or will it become unnecessary?

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1K Ideas in a 4K World

The next generation of online video will, by necessity, need to be driven by ideas – in particular, ideas that support an overall brand message. Otherwise, adverti...

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Did New Marketing Tactics Make iPhone X the Greatest iPhone Yet?

These new tactics Apple employed were done in a strategic way to really increase excitement and elevate the desire of consumers. Were these tactics successful though?

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Navigating TV Waters in a Political Storm: 2018 Elections

Agencies, TV stations, and media consultants across the nation are certainly anticipating the storm brewing inside the D.C. Beltway. As we enter another political ...

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Millennials Are Not Your Target Audience

So why are we talking about generations and what do they really mean? We are shaped by the political, economic and social events that occurred during our coming-of...

08.23.17 /AdvertisingcomScore vs Nielsen

comScore vs. Nielsen

Advertising rates rely on Nielsen’s count of the number of people who watch TV ads. And while comScore is certainly collecting data from many more homes, Nielsen i...

07.07.17 /AdvertisingComputer Keyboard

The Retail “Correction”

There are more reasons than online shopping as to why brick-and-mortar retail stores are closing their doors. Learn the 3 main reasons in our most recent post.

04.20.17 /AdvertisingMan at Computer

How to Overcome Your Fear of Content Writing

See that keyboard in front of you? Are you scared to touch it? It’s understandable. Never in the history of the written word has writing been more frightening for ...

04.05.17 /AdvertisingMarketing to Women

​Brands: Give Us (Gals) Something Good to Talk About

I’m assuming, if you don’t live in a hole without WiFi, that you’ve seen the “mom jeans” that are currently for sale at a well-known higher-end retailer. If not, f...

03.16.17 /AdvertisingGondola in Venice

Be Careful with Your Colors: An International Primer

​In an effort to be a good citizen of the world when traveling abroad, I have always relied on language to make connections.

03.08.17 /AdvertisingKatie & Family

The Decision to Go Back to Work After Having Kids

I always thought I would be a working mom. After having my first child, that thought didn’t change. But when I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I sta...

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Operations Versus Marketing: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

​As someone who has worked on the marketing side with many retail, franchise and multi-location clients, I have always had a healthy respect for the operations tea...

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Super Bowl LI: An Exercise in Strategic Pandering

​If you were looking to escape politics for a few hours during the Super Bowl, this year’s advertisers weren’t interested in helping you. Many abandoned the tired ...

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Welcome Back to the Silent Era

​Good news. I’m finally ready to embrace the world of videos without sound. I thank all of you for your patience. This hasn’t been easy. I’m an audio guy. I lik...

09.21.16 /AdvertisingBlog Image

Five Hours and Four Minutes

That’s how long the average American adult watches television every day. That’s just one of the findings in Nielsen’s recently released media consumption research.

08.17.16 /AdvertisingNo/Yes Chalkboard

Twenty-nine Years. Three Jobs.

I’ve had three jobs in advertising. To be clear, I’ve worked at six agencies and spent a long stint as a freelancer, but I’ve basically had just three jobs in a...

04.08.16 /AdvertisingMGH Advertising Blog Post

How to Stay Sane in an Era of Instant Complaints

Identify yourself and ask the person to contact you directly. Hear them. You may learn something about your operations that you didn’t know. You may uncover a prob...

02.29.16 /AdvertisingMGH Digital Marketing Blog Post

Rethinking the Funnel

We as marketers sometimes obsess over the “Do” (the later stage of a purchase). The idea here is to focus on all four clusters and pursue the right content, market...

02.25.16 /AdvertisingMGH Advertising Blog Post

Snapchat Geofilters for Multi-location Businesses

​As we collected results from our Snapchat Geofilter test we couldn’t help but think of the implications for our clients, many of which represent multi-location bu...

02.19.16 /AdvertisingMGH in the News

Say Cheese! Food Photography Has a Moment

There are elaborate lighting setups. You’ve got the “stand-in” food and the “hero” food. And of course the many inside tricks that are used to exaggerate the attra...

01.19.16 /AdvertisingMGH Blog Post

It’s Time To Put A Stake In The Ground

Here’s my challenge for 2016. Be the customer and define yourself from their point­-of-view. Mystery shop your store. Put a stake in ground. Differentiate or die. ...

01.05.16 /AdvertisingYes Horn

Advertising Hope

Cancer is going to lose, they tell you. No disclaimers. No, “Your results may vary.” Nothing.

12.13.15 /AdvertisingArrows

In Advertising, Never Forget: You're Not Your Customer

The lesson is clear. You can’t let your media habits influence your advertising plans.

11.13.15 /AdvertisingMGH in the News

Advertising Your Store on TV or Radio in 2016? Good Luck!

An improving economy, a Presidential election and The Olympics. All in the same year. It’s the perfect storm. And not in a good way for the nation’s advertisers.

Breaking news. MGH wants you as a client.