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What’s MGHappening in Social Media: Nov. 6, 2018

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CNBC – Facebook will move Workplace, the social network’s business communication service, to a new domain in 2019. Currently, Workplace lives at, which creates privacy concerns for business customers. The company made this decision following its latest data breach, which occurred just a few weeks ago. Roughly 30,000 organizations currently use Workplace. By further separating the Slack-competitor from Facebook’s consumer site, the company aims to generate more trust with its business customers. (Full Story)

AdWeek – Facebook has been testing a “Breaking News” tag for publishers since March and is now rolling that test out to more countries in Europe and Asia. The breaking news label has already rolled out completely in the U.S. and Canada, and will now be fully available in Australia, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain and the U.K. Surveys have found that users are finding the visual indication on Facebook to be helpful in identifying the news they most need to know, and therefore allowing them to feel more informed. (Full Story)

Engadget – Facebook is trying to compete in the streaming space with Twitch and has most recently done so by expanding its “Level Up Program” to game streamers in 21 different countries. Level Up, which has been in testing for a few months, allows up-and-coming streamers to earn money on Facebook without having a full-fledged partnership with the social network. Similar to Twitch, the program allows viewers to gift “Facebook Stars” which translate to cash, and also helps streamers to gain additional reach and visibility. (Full Story)

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The Verge – Shazam has announced a new integration with Instagram that will allow users to identify songs within the music identification app and then posts the results to Instagram Stories. When shared, the song’s cover art will take over the Instagram Story screen, and users will be able to tap “more on Shazam” to be linked to a song’s Shazam page. The new addition is currently available on iOS and will be added to Android soon. (Full Story)

Mashable – Instagram is adding a few new election-themed features to provide some extra encouragement for users to get out and vote. Users will be able to use “I Voted” stickers in their Stories, and the app will automatically create “We Voted” Stories from everyone a user follows who uses the sticker. Additionally, user will be able to tap on an “I Voted” sticker when viewing a story to find their polling place. (Full Story)

instagram voter sticker

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The Verge – Twitter is testing a new feature that is expected to be quite popular among users: the ability to quickly toggle between “top Tweets” and “latest Tweets.” For those included in the trial, a new icon will appear in the top right corner of the app, which presents the two options. (Full Story)

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The Verge – Snap is bringing the camera tech from the Snapchat app to both Mac and Windows via a desktop app. Snap Camera will integrate with apps like Twitch, YouTube, Skype, and Zoom to allow users to use Snapchat lenses while streaming or video chatting. Interestingly, the camera is really just that – you cannot login to Snapchat from desktop or send Snaps. With over 250,000 lenses, desktop represents an exciting new distribution channel for the company. With Twitch as a launch partner, Snap showed off reward lenses that allow viewers to unlock special lenses by subscribing to a channel. (Full Story)

9TO5Mac – Snapchat has been updated on iOS to take advantage of Apple’s CallKit Integration. Thanks to this update, calls received via Snapchat will appear just like a regular phone, rather than a push notification. Additionally, calls from Snapchat will be shown in the recent/missed calls section of the main phone app. (Full Story)

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