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MGH Announces Launch of Four New Client Websites

The MGH development team has been busy lately as they recently launched four client websites. Our team, which specializes in web design and development for brands as part of our wide array of services, completed sites for CoCo Playa, Milkshake Factory, Potomac Debate Academy, and BASIS Independent Schools.


CoCo Playa

We are thrilled to introduce the new website for CoCo Playa! As seasoned experts in the restaurant industry, the Coffee Company team reached out to MGH to craft a unique brand identity for their new coffee and cookies venture. We not only developed their branding, packaging, and menus, but also designed and built a mobile-first website, knowing their audience primarily visits from their phones. The site embodies fresh, beachy vibes, reminding visitors that sweeter days start at Coffee Company.

Explore the new site and, if you're in San Diego, we highly recommend visiting our friends at Coffee Company!


Milkshake Factory

Prepare your taste buds for a treat like no other as we proudly unveil the MilkShake Factory's brand-new website! Facing rapid nationwide expansion, Milkshake Factory needed a site that showcased their delicious milkshakes and gourmet chocolates while making it easy for visitors to find their nearest location. Our production team visited their Pittsburgh locations for a photoshoot, capturing incredible product and lifestyle images and videos now featured throughout the site.

Treat yourself to a virtual taste test where every click leads you closer to a flavor-packed adventure and check out the new website here!


Potomac Debate Academy

We're excited to share the new website for Potomac Debate Academy, a project that began with a brand refresh in Spring 2023. With their programs going virtual during COVID and expanding nationally, they needed a compelling website to support their growth. Following the rebrand, we developed a sleek, sophisticated website focused on easy navigation and user experience.

Check out their new site at



The MGH development team worked with the Spring Education Group design team to build a complex website for their BASIS Independent schools, a network of eight private schools across the US. The challenge was to build a backend system that allows admins to make updates in one place and broadcast them to all school sites, while still allowing customization of specific content areas.

Explore their new site at


Our design and development team at MGH is incredibly proud of these launches, each reflecting our commitment to creativity, functionality, and user experience. Check out these new websites and see the results of our hard work!

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