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10 Browser Extensions Every Digital Marketer Needs In Their Life

If you’re a digital marketer who spends your days designing or building sites, testing website responsiveness, creating web manuals and monitoring site analytics, these 10 browser extension apps will help you work smarter, not harder. Reduce tedious tasks to a single click by adding these must-have browser extensions today.

1. Awesome Screenshot/Nimbus Screenshot

When a client asks for a screen shot of their site and you find yourself minimizing the screen to be able to capture the entire page, use these extensions. Both allow you to capture an area, the visible area, the entire page or select an individual image element within your browser. Save, copy or print your screen shot directly within the tools.

I love using these apps not only for screen grabs and full-page captures, but for adding notes and instructions directly on the screen shot. For website manuals and quality assurance testing, these extensions are essential.

2. ColorZilla

I’m constantly using the ColorZilla eyedropper to grab hex colors on a page without having to Slack my designer coworkers. I love that it automatically copies the hex code to my clipboard for easy pasting into a content editor or Photoshop window.

3. SEO Quake

In a matter of seconds, SEO Quake will crawl your page and provide you with everything from a basic overview (page title, keywords, meta description, etc.) to a full-page site audit (hello time saver!) and list of internal and external links. It also provides you with the sites’ Google/Bing index and ranking scores.

4. Google Analytics

Wondering how your site traffic is performing but don’t want to go through the hassle of logging into Google Analytics (GA)? With the GA extension, you can view your site’s metrics within a toolbar and even see how users are interacting with pages of your site.

5. Firebug Firebox

Similar to your browser’s Inspect tool, the Firebug Firebox extension tool allows you to edit, debug and monitor CSS, HTML and JavaScript live within your browser. Testing a site for tracking elements? Immediately see if any errors are occurring within the extension’s Console function.

6. Fox Guide

This tool has been a lifesaver for our Dev Team by allowing them to use ruler guides directly in the browser to create pixel-perfect replicas of the Photoshop file from our designers. Design gods rejoice!

7. WhatFont

One of our digital designers’ favorites, WhatFont allows you to see the font name, family, size, and line height with a simple click of your mouse.

8. BuiltWith

Ever wonder what framework, CMS platform, tracking pixels, etc. a website is utilizing? The BuiltWith extension allows you to creep with ease. It also has a tab that provides the site’s Google Analytics UA, GTM and Facebook Property ID.

9. Window Resizer

Testing a responsive website, but don’t want the hassle of pulling out your phone or tablet? The Window Resizer extension allows you to resize your browser’s window to mimic different devices. Boom – responsiveness tested without hassling your coworkers to lend you every type of phone and tablet under the sun.

10. Inspect

Although not a browser extension, this tool is used by everyone on our team. Similar to Firebug, this developer tool allows you to edit, debug and monitor CSS, HTML and JavaScript live within your browser

As a digital project manager, I can easily test different font sizes, grab image dimensions and confirm my GA event tracking has been implemented.

Your browser may feel a bit cramped after adding all of these, but I promise you’ll thank me later!

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