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A Love Letter to My Fellow MGH Women

To any worthwhile human, women’s equality is self-evident. So instead of a litany justifying our equality (or one implying our superiority) in honor of Women’s Equality Day, I just want to share my love letter to the inimitable Women of MGH.

Dear Women of MGH,

You are natural leaders, you are lethal tacticians, you are forces to be reckoned with. You take mentorship seriously. You form the backbone of MGH culture. You have families, you have pets, you travel, you have side gigs. You’re well-rounded badasses.

Thank you for leading our agency, and departments like Media, and Interactive, and Digital Advertising. Thank you for being go-to marketing strategists for clients in every industry category MGH represents – from fast-casual franchises, to a national chain of private schools, to SaaS platforms, and everything in between. Thank you for bringing your experience as savvy consumers to bear on the work we do to influence other savvy consumers.

I appreciate how often you acknowledge each person on your team’s contributions, and the effort you put into communicating with your coworkers and your clients alike. I admire your ability to wear 12 hats at once, to immerse yourselves so deeply in the many diverse worlds our clients inhabit, to drive meaningful results across your projects, and to also live full, exciting lives outside of work.

I love the women who covered my workload during both of my maternity leaves, who gave me boob-saving pointers on pumping at work and on-the-road. I love the women who I’ve covered for on their maternity leaves, and the opportunity to pass any and all boob-saving tips forward.

You make this job fun, and challenging, and a place where it’s ok to occasionally bring home to work, and to work from home – because life is messy, and work-life and home-life sometimes bleed together, and that’s cool because you badass ladies are productivity machines wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing.

Here’s to you,


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