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Creativity Outside MGH: My Side Hustle

MGH is full of creative people, regardless of their job title.

Being a senior digital analyst at MGH, keyword planners, budget pacing models and pivot tables are everyday tools used to make paid search reach projections, plan campaigns and analyze performance. But when I log off, I unwind with a different set of tools: brushes, vinyl adhesive and paint pens.

These vehicles allow me to be creative and express myself in a form of art called hand lettering.

If you’re on Instagram, you might be familiar with this modern calligraphy trend. Cursive-looking handwriting on wood-stained boards or rustic windows for wedding signage, personalized vinyl stickers on drinkware, mixed fonts on reverse canvas home decor signs. I saw these amazing, gorgeous products on my feed and thought to myself, “Cool! How hard can it be?”

I started with brush markers on paper and progressed to paint on wood. After watching videos on the process, and through lots of practice, I finally became comfortable with trying it out on my own. From there, it was all about finding new media to challenge myself.

I started with making personalized wine glasses and small wood signs for friends and family. It eventually grew into an Etsy page with orders from strangers that live across the country. It has allowed me to meet new people, fund my hobby and help a lot of people who need thoughtful gifts or want a specific decoration for their big day.

After some coworkers got word of my hand lettering hustle, they found a way to incorporate this creative skill at MGH. For holidays, fun events and in-person client meetings, I hand letter on a huge chalk wall in our building. Whether it’s getting the company together to write our exciting plans for the summer, or welcoming a new client to our work home while giving them a tour, the chalk wall brings an aspect of fun and care to the agency that everyone appreciates.

My side biz is a great outlet to express my creative side, which happens to be totally different from my other passion of paid search marketing. It has been such a pleasant surprise to see my talents and business grow, but to also have them be embraced by my friends at MGH is the cherry on top.

Sometimes we can’t believe how talented our employees are. Bravo, @hollansa!

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