Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day at MGH

When your job is developing client copy ideas for an advertising agency on a daily basis, you get to know the silly “holidays” that are celebrated throughout the year.

There’s National Shrimp Scampi Day on April 29, Bald and Free Day on Oct. 7, and even Waffle Iron Day on June 29. The calendar is full of fun opportunities to highlight your client’s brand.

Today, however, is a much more special occasion. It’s one that MGH is celebrating on its own, rather than for one of its clients. Today is Employee Appreciation Day.

While some are just starting out in the marketing industry here, other MGH employees have made lifelong careers out of coming to work at 100 Painters Mill Road. Whether they’ve been here for two years or 20, many MGHers have something to say about how much they love coming to work each day.

Here are some of those stories:

“On my first day at MGH, I sat down at my cube and was immediately given a warm welcome from a tall guy with glasses. He went out of his way to say hello to me and thank me for being here. Then he told me his name was Andy and I quickly realized that this ‘tall guy with glasses’ was the owner of MGH. And it hit me, ‘Oh man, they care about the people here.’” - Alyssa DeNicolis, less than one year

"MGH is one big family. Not only are my coworkers some of my best friends, but they listen and always have my back. Being able to say that I love the people I work with is an amazing thing, and you don't hear that often from people at other companies." - Marah Radcliffe, 6.5 years

“Even in the relatively short time that I've worked at MGH, I've seen how everyone works as a team toward a common goal. You don't see the power trips that you would at some companies, and there is an understanding that we can all achieve more with each other. This is a part of the company's culture, which carries through to many other perks of working at MGH. Bagel Fridays and team lunches are constant reminders of the company's appreciation, and they often take it a step further with surprise treats like ice cream trucks and omelet chefs, happy hours and cooking contests that all bring coworkers together and make for an even better working environment.” - Paul Didwall, one year

“MGH has worked diligently to provide a positive work environment and encourages all employees to make sure they take time to enjoy their lives outside of the agency. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing, dedicated and creative people whom I've watched excel within the company.” - Genny Resch, 20 years

“As one of the parents here, MGH trusts that my work still gets done even if I need to adjust my work schedule for a child-related event. It's nice to work at a place that appreciates a work/family balance.” - Dennis Cashen, 10 years

“I love the work atmosphere here and have enjoyed the events that have been planned for the employees by the Culture Committee. We work hard and the things like happy hours, random gift cards and department outings, to name a few, are why I've stayed so long. I love the people I work with and don't mind doing what it takes to get the work done. MGH is truly family-oriented and is a great place to work!” - April Powell, 18 years

“MGH is a company that goes above and beyond to make sure its employees are happy and feel appreciated. I mean, we even have something called ‘Thank You Thursdays!’” - John Strucko, less than one year

“The work-life balance is great. And still, the standards are very high. MGH proves that you really can have both.” - Brian Kelley, two years

“This week, I'm celebrating my 21st anniversary with MGH. Sometimes I wonder where the time has gone! But I've always known that this is a special place to work and live. MGH has always given its employees a certain autonomy, knowing that we'll make good life and work decisions. That balance has always been an integral part of our culture.” - Sherri Broughton, 21 years

At MGH, we’ve never been known to toot our own horn. We are proud of our work, but also know that it takes a team effort, which is why we’re happy with the entire agency taking credit.

Lucky for us, we’ve got a great team with even better teammates.

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