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What’s MGHappening in Social Media: Jan 14, 2019

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Inc – Facebook is facing some bad press as former employees have described the company’s culture as “cult-like.” In the past, Facebook has ranked as the No. 1 place to work in tech according to Glassdoor. But after the #deletefacebook movement and a slew of scandals in 2018, that ranking has fallen. Now, various reports from former employees discuss the limiting factor certain actions at Facebook can have on an employee’s career, even outside the company, and others have spoken out against the company’s evaluation system and how the job can burn people out. (Full Story)

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The Verge – Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow both personal and business accounts to post to multiple profiles at the same time. The update, which is currently only available for select users, adds options for selecting multiple profiles to the posting menu. Notably this is not a “share” feature for existing posts, but rather for people who are posting the same content across multiple accounts, such as for partnerships and giveaways. (Full Story)

Fast Company – 29-year-old software engineer Ben Howdle has a created a web app called Filtergram, which allows users to see just the Instagram posts that specifically align with their interests. As Instagram has added features over the years, the core experience has changed, but Filtergram aims to revive those original aspects of the app. The web app will show posts with a specific hashtag, but will not use any sort of machine learning to infer other posts it thinks you may like. Essentially, it allows users to have “a social feed without actually being social about it.” (Full Story)

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Mashable – According to a recent Snap-commissioned survey, 95 percent of Snapchat users say the app makes them feel “happy.” This positive news about Snapchat comes at a time when other networks are facing increased criticism by their users. The study consisted of 1,005 people between ages 13 and 44. Users also characterized Snap as making them feel “silly” and “spontaneous,” while Facebook and Twitter caused more mixed feelings. (Full Story)

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The Verge – Twitter is rolling out a series of new beta features over the next few weeks, including “speech bubbles, indenting, and different colors determined by whether you follow someone or are replying.” These, along with potential additions like activity tags and “ice breaker” tweets are all designed to aid in Twitter’s goal of making the platform more conversational. (Full Story)

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