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Re-Engage Audiences with These 7 Content Remarketing Strategies

Once you have produced quality content for your brand, how do you leverage it to gain leads? Users that are consuming your website’s content, but leave before they convert, become a perfect audience for content remarketing. Content remarketing gives marketers the opportunity to re-engage people who are already interested in what you have to offer. Don’t lose hope on the visitors who have jumped ship just yet, recapturing their attention is just a few marketing tactics away!

  1. Define Your Audience for Remarketing: Build new remarketing lists to identify which visitors to include or exclude from your audience. Segment your audience into unique lists that will in turn show different ads for each audience. For example, those who visit a blog post may be more interested in an informational ad than those who visited a product page. Be sure to exclude users that have already converted, unless the offering is a frequent, repeat purchase.
  2. Boost Your Strongest Content: Consider reviewing your blog content and analyze what pages generated the most social shares. Choose content from this subset to re-engage audiences with your brand.
  3. Capitalize on Events: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Veterans Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, there are endless event opportunities to capitalize on. But, time is of the essence! Leverage timely, relevant event content or offers to help drive conversions.
  4. Determine Your Audience Duration: Audience duration is the number of days you’re willing to follow users around with content ads. Testing audience duration and optimizing for a specific audience is a best practice. Each individual audience has a unique conversion window, be sure to monitor this window carefully to avoid annoying your audience.
  5. Target Email Openers: Potential customers who are interested in your brand enough to open your emails are a perfect audience for remarketing. Simply drop a pixel in your email template and begin to identify who’s opening your emails. From here, you can begin to create customized content that supports the email that captured their attention to begin with.
  6. Get Creative: Invest in creating content that elicits a user’s emotions. Show funny, happy or sentimental ads to draw your audience’s attention. Create multiple sets of ad creative using different formats. You are only paying for clicks, so putting the extra effort into creative copy, storylines and ad design can go a long way!
  7. Turn Blog Readers into Email Subscribers: Leverage your blog content and create a remarketing list just for blog visitors. This tactic will alert them with a relevant ad every time you post a new story and encourage them to subscribe.

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