Winning Restaurant Promos for the Big Game

Let’s face it, the food served this Sunday is just as, if not MORE important than the Big Game -- and that comes as no surprise to restaurant marketers. With discounts, bundles, and campaign extensions galore, there’s no shortage of ways to leverage your brand’s sales through Super Bowl snacking deals. So before you put in your order, take a look at some of the mouthwatering marketing promos that have caught our attention so far.


Some people love making their own Big Game dishes, while others just want as much food for as little money as possible. That’s where these brands step in big. Buffalo Wild Wings is coming in full force with promotions for the Big Game. To start, they’ll be running a special that includes 30 wings—15 regular, 15 boneless—fries, and sauce for $30. However, the real magic will happen in the 4th quarter. If the game goes to overtime, patrons of any store will win a free order of six wings for dine in or takeout.

Similarly, Applebee’s is planning to give away 1.6 million classic boneless wings to fans nationwide. With every purchase of $40 or more, fans will be rewarded with 40 free wings. No sweat if you’re craving seconds, as there will also be a $0 delivery fee on Sunday!

If pizza is more your snacking speed, order Little Caesars online and get a free Crazy Bread in return! Ledo Pizza will be offering a Football Deal for $29.99, which includes an 18-inch one-topping pizza, Italian salad, and six jumbo wings. What’s most impressive however is how they recognize that next season—you know, the one we can all enjoy together in person again—is what we’re really looking forward to, so they’ll be giving away a 65-inch 4K TV and $200 Ledo gift card.



When it comes to convincing consumers to pick your brand for dinner, it’s best to bundle their options into one easy decision. That’s why some of the best meal bundles of the year come out for the Big Game. BJs Brewhouse will bring the tailgate to your living room with the “Homegating Pack,” featuring a large pizza, chips and dip, two appetizers and a 64-ounce beverage. Never one to be out-stacked, IHOP has a “Game Day Family Feast” available for $27.99, including chicken strips with dipping sauce and french fries. For an additional $2.99, sweeten the deal with churro bites and cupcake icing dipping sauce. Red Lobster is going for two this year with their CYO Big Game Bundle, a seafood entree, two large sides, eight Cheddar Bay Biscuits and a Pepsi four-pack. Their "Ultimate Big Game Bundle" consists of Maine lobster tails, snow crab, shrimp scampi, Walt's Favorite Shrimp, two large sides, eight Cheddar Bay Biscuits and a Pepsi four-pack.

Blaze Pizza may have won the day with their Party of One bundle, featuring an 11-inch, one-topping pizza and regular fountain drink combo for just $7.95. With more people watching alone than ever this year, this one’s bound to be a hit.

Other Big Game Day Fun

Like every ad agency, we’ll be nerding out on the commercial breaks, so it’s nice to see Insomnia Cookies has released a Commercial Break Snacker Pack. They’re even letting you cash in on the deal for delivery to surprise friends sticking to solo watch parties this year.

We’d be remiss to mention the Big Game without mentioning beer in the same breath. In one of the most fun, petty promotions this year, Miller Lite is taking on Michelob Ultra during their own expensive spot. In recognition of the minor difference between Miller and Michelob, Miller is asking fans to type an 836-character URL to help burn off the extra calorie you would gain from choosing Miller Lite. In reward, they’ll be giving out 5,000 six-packs! Now that’s a brand battle we can get behind.


Billions of people watch the Big Game every year, and most of them don’t really care who wins. As restaurant marketers, this means it’s imperative that we don’t just bombard them with messages about what makes our crust the crispiest or our meat the tenderest, but that we guide them to experiences they will actually enjoy during the game. If we do that, we’re far more likely to win a repeat customer than by spending millions of dollars for 30 seconds of air time.

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