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Over the past few years, Facebook has gradually placed less emphasis on brands being “social” and more on them purchasing “media.” And despite the complaints that seem to accompany each network change, brands have been following its lead. In fact, this year Facebook will capture a 31.2% share of total display ad spending in the U.S.

It’s clear that the future (and the present reality) of marketing on Facebook is in paid media. But the good news is that in Facebook’s efforts to become the digital advertising powerhouse, it’s continually updating and launching new tools to help marketers more creatively and efficiently get their messages in front of the right audiences. Such was the case last week.

Along with launching the Campaign Planner Tool within Business Manager – which now allows marketers to compare how changes in budget or audience adjustments will impact reach and frequency of a campaign WITHOUT having to actually spend any budget – Facebook has just released a slew of valuable new audience targeting options to its marketing partners. Here’s our favorite new audience categories:

  1. TV Viewership: Facebook has partnered with comScore to allow targeting to users based on their TV viewership preferences – everything from genre and daypart, to network or TV program titles, to even brand-specific commercials are now on the table.This targeting category will provide brands with an alternate avenue to reach mass-TV-audiences, while also having more control over budget than they would when purchasing a traditional TV spot. It will also help brands that are running TV ads increase efficiency of multi-channel marketing by targeting users who were likely watching a network or show while their spot aired. Additionally, it opens up the door for countless competitor marketing opportunities.
  2. Proximity Audiences: This new target allows brands to reach households within a five-mile radius from specific grocery stores, restaurants, dollar stores, mass merchandisers and other retail locations. One of the many benefits of this hyperlocation targeting is providing brands with an opportunity to customize their ad messages in order to drive in-store purchases to locations where their product is on shelves.
  3. Millennial Lifestyle Audiences: “Millennials” have been a Facebook targeting option for some time now. But since they are such a coveted audience, with advertisers spending 33%+ of their total media budget pursuing them, Facebook has launched 12 new sub-audiences within the Millennial category. Brands now have the option to specifically target “Millennial Moms,” “Still in the Nest Millennials” and “Footloose & Child-Free Millennials,” among seven other options.

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