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Video…No, Photos: Adapting to Changing Algorithms

After forcing brands and agencies into a video-first approach since 2020, both TikTok and Instagram appear to be making a play back towards photo-based content.

Users on TikTok have recently noted that the platform seems to be prioritizing content that uses “photo mode” - a carousel format with multiple images in a single video, typically with background music - over more standard video content.

And in a shocking (but not at all shocking) recent turn of events, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, has announced that the platform went too hard on pushing videos in 2022, and will look to make photos more of a focus once again.

Head of Instagram Video over Photo Quote.jpg


While both pieces of news may come as a welcome relief to marketers who have yet to figure out their video strategy, it can be equally as frustrating to those who have already shifted.

Adopting a new, video-first approach typically comes with a significant investment in time, resources, and dollars, so seemingly small algorithm changes can result in big losses for brands.

So how can brands and agencies feel like they’re on top of social media trends, without the risk of getting burned?

Three Tips from MGH to Adapt to Changing Social Media Algorithms

Develop and maintain a flexible strategy: What works today may be completely taken away tomorrow, so ensure your brand has a diverse social media footprint and content strategy to be able to adapt quickly if needed.

Cross-promote: Regularly cross-promote your channels and content so that your customers follow you across multiple channels in case one ever goes away. Run sweepstakes to further encourage them to join your brand across platforms.

Use caution, get creative: Be cautious with overinvesting in resources, equipment, and technology. Find alternative ways to produce the content you’re looking to generate, like partnering with creators who own their own equipment.

Get in touch with MGH's social media experts today to unlock your brand's full potential! And last but not least, just hope that Elon Musk doesn’t buy your next social network of choice. ;)

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