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Day 2: Snapchat On-Demand Geofilters (UPDATE)

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry, MGH launched a test of Snapchat’s new On-Demand Geofilter service.

For a one-day budget of $35, we designed a simple filter, set a radius around our office building and encouraged our employees to give it a whirl. Here are some of the results:

Speaking of results…

Those pictures are just about the only thing we’ve got so far. We’re 12 hours into our test and Snapchat is giving us…nothing. In small text on the “Metrics” page, it says that we’ll get our next set of results at 11AM.

11AM? In the social media agency world, that might as well be next week.

But we’ll take it easy on Snapchat (for now) as the service just officially launched and is likely to see updates over the coming weeks.

Our campaign results.

Also, the test hasn’t been all bad news!

Set-up was about as simple as could be (from start to finish, the entire upload process took less than 20 minutes).

It’s costing us virtually nothing to participate.

And our staff has had a lot of fun creating Snaps with our big ol’ logo.

So are we ready to shift all of our Facebook advertising dollars over to Snapchat filters? Not quite yet, but we’ll keep an eye on results and will report back to you when we’ve got ‘em!

So why the big deal about real-time results?

In today’s marketing world, we use hour-by-hour (and sometimes minute-by-minute) data to drive many of our decisions. Are the filters being used? If not, what can we do to increase usage? Do we need to “up” our posting schedule to drive traffic? Do we need a dedicated email blast to support? All of these questions, and many more, would typically be asked when running any sort of promotion – even if just for one day.

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